Analysis of Security APIs


Affiliated with IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium.

Analysis of Security APIs (ASA) is workshop series concerned with the analysis of APIs designed to secure the boundary between trusted and untrusted code. Examples include the APIs of secure hardware devices such as HSMs, USB key sticks and smart cards, proprietary APIs like IBM's CCA, standards based APIs like RSA's PKCS#11, and the API of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

Deadlines Event Date(s) Location Proceedings
Papers Posters
30 Apr 2014 ASA 18 Jul 2014 Vienna, AT
30 Apr 2012 ASA 30 Jun 2013 New Orleans, Louisiana, US
27 Apr 2012 ASA 28-29 Jun 2012 Cambridge, Massachusetts, US
8 Apr 2011 ASA 30 Jun 2011 Paris, FR
5 Apr 2010 ASA 21 Jul 2010 Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
12 May 2009
6 May 2009
ASA 10-11 Jul 2009 Port Jefferson, New York, US
ASA 26 Jun 2008 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
ASA 4 Jul 2007 Venice, IT